Tuesday Construction Day 2

Brandi and I went at it again: insulating walls, clearing out the 2nd guest bedroom (not pictured), and general prep for upcoming projects.


I’ve had a drywaller come in a few times, and idealy next week the bathroom and kitchen will be ready for lauan to be put down!

Insulation for the winter

Tonight was our first Construction Tuesday! We had a total of two people–Brandi and myself–for this first evening, but we’re confident that in a month or so we’ll have maybe even 8 people for Construction Tuesday.

Insulating the kitchen and bathroom



Brandi’s gift for our first night



Between my husband’s sister’s wedding in Nebraska and her reception in Minnesota (tomorrow), my father-in-law visited us.

We put him to work… Turns out that he knows a fair bit about electrical work. 😁



We had some fun, too…

Wednesday night was perfect: dinner on first street, ice cream from the sub shop and a walk on the dock.



Plus we finished up the front of the garage!


And the plumbers came.

Note: if you’re a professional, and you notice “problems,” and you decide to make mention of said “problems,” offer solutions too. Please. You’re customers will (internally) freak out less and like/trust you more.


Updates through July

I marked our 1 year of homeownership by hosting a bridal shower for my sister. And writing a little ode to our successes.

12 months

On my Wellness Hammock website, I’ve written a few words about our home.

I didn’t take many photos from the last month, but I’ll share the ones I have. We’ve re-roofed the house, I’ve had man doors installed on the garage and even handles and locks (super deluxe). I’ve spent much of my time this spring and summer planting, weeding and generally enjoying the outdoors.